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Edward Charles DeVivo

In December 2013, Mr. De Vivo published his first full-length piece of fiction, entitled "Imputed Knowledge." Based on his background in philosophy and law, the book allows these areas to converge in the immediate aftermath of a hijacking. As the main character (Priore) is caught in the cross-hairs of a revenge plot against him, incendiary knowledge about questionable airport security on the day of the 767's hijacking leaves Priore accountable for "what he should have known" about defects in security. In the grander scheme of things,Priore's work on litigation arising out of so many catastrophic events such as the hijacking leads him to find innocent suffering incomprehensible if God is Omniscient. As knowledge of the seeming ruse in airport security is "imputed" to Priore, so, too, is Priore guilty of "imputing" Omniscience to God. Otherwise, he asks, wouldn't an All Knowing God arrest innocent suffering?

The book is available on Amazon. Com, and all the author's proceeds go to Imus Ranch For Kids With Cancer, St. Jude's Children Research Hospital, and the Ara Parseghian Foundation.


Imputed Knowledge


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B.A. Philosophy, New York University 1975
J.D. Law, University of Notre Dame 1978
M.A. Philosophy, New York University 1982

International Litigation, Aviation, Environmental Law, Environmental & Casualty Coverage.

Honorary Inductee, Essex Catholic High School Hall of Fame (Fencing)
Honorary Inductee, University of Notre Dame Monogram Club

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