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Edward Charles DeVivo

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Too many lawyers have forgotten that the practice of law is a service industry.

As a leading provider of pre-trial and actual litigation services, we take pride in offering a certain level of thoroughness and personal contact with each client, according to the commonly-used line, "I felt like I was the only person that mattered."

We are dedicated to serving the individual needs of each and every client. There is no such thing as waiting for a call back, waiting to speak to the lawyer in charge of the case. You will speak to and deal with the same lawyer throughout the life of the matter you ask us to handle.

Mr. De Vivo has handled litigation and non-litigation matters across the United States and in Europe. He has served as the Lead Counsel in cases he has handled from pre-trial, through trial, and then successfully defended on appeal in the highest appellate state and federal circuit courts in the United States He is widely published in international law and has been a member of the New York Bar for over 35 years.

Edward welcomes the opportunity to assist you with a certain level of legal services that too often is overshadowed by "quotas" many lawyers have, to bill a certain number of hours per year or generate a certain amount of revenue per annum.

Not at De Vivo & Company.

B.A. Philosophy, New York University 1975
J.D. Law, University of Notre Dame 1978
M.A. Philosophy, New York University 1982

International Litigation, Aviation, Environmental Law, Environmental & Casualty Coverage.

Honorary Inductee, Essex Catholic High School Hall of Fame (Fencing)
Honorary Inductee, University of Notre Dame Monogram Club

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